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Web, Digital, UI and UX Consulting

Web and digital consulting services for small and medium-sized companies. Invest in the best strategy and achieve better
performance for your company with the help of our professionals.

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Do you often have a good idea or project for your company but are not sure how to apply it or how to adopt the best strategy to reach your target audience?

Count on INDIGIT to help you create the best plan for your idea or project. Make your business more profitable and build deeper and longer-lasting relationships with your customers!

Services Audit and Consulting

Discover our main web and digital consulting and auditing services

Web, Mobile and Brand Consulting

Creating a website without any kind of plan or strategy for its dissemination is the reason why many fail completely. A website, to be successful, has to be connected to its users and meet their needs. Thus, a study, an analysis that helps you in this task becomes essential.

Security Consulting and WordPress

Some frameworks, namely WordPress, despite being fantastic, contain some vulnerabilities in terms of security. If you have or want a WordPress website, know that to avoid security breaches it is essential to build your website securely. With INDIGIT, we guarantee the security you need without compromising on design and functionality.

SEO and Marketing Consulting

Organic search has had a great impact in the digital world, being the main responsible for the success of many websites. If you don't have your website or content optimized for search engines, contact us and find out how you can take advantage of these tools that most often guarantee a return on your investment.

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Because it is extremely necessary to understand your objective, we will ask some questions such as: What is the purpose of your website? How do you intend to promote your website? Know your competition? Do you need to optimize your website?

A consultant can do jobs such as: Planning a website strategy, creating use cases for different types of users, creating presentation or design mockups, analyzing data collected from users and proposing improvements based on that data, correcting common mistakes on websites, evaluate if your website can be fixed or if you need a new one, improve your SEO strategy, among many others.

The price of a consultant may vary depending on your project requirement. Usually, the amount charged is between 50EUR and 200EUR per hour. The total budget will vary depending on the complexity of your project.

Web consulting consists of discussing and planning strategies that help you to boost your business or increase your brand’s visibility and awareness. In some cases it even consists of correcting errors on your website or mobile application.

Yes. For simpler situations and cases, it will only be necessary to sign a simple document, however, and depending on the complexity of each project, it may be necessary to sign a more detailed contract to define hours, project scope, etc.

If you already have a website but have no visitors, if your marketing strategy is not working or is not getting the results you want, if your website has technical flaws of medium or large impact, if you want to renew your brand of according to your target audience, you should hire a consultant.