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Dedicated Servers

National Dedicated Servers, with dedicated management included.

High performance and 100% ...
...dedicated to you!

Dedicated servers are designed for all the most demanding users and companies that need large processing power and high availability or tailored solutions.
In order to guarantee all the security for your business, the data centers have ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 27001 quality certifications, air conditioning, ceiling and false floor and are housed in national territory.

The why of our Dedicated ?

Discover the main advantages of our dedicated professionals!

Security and performance

Enjoy reinforced doors, anti-seismic structure, double and armored glazing, permanent physical security, air conditioning and much more! Performance and Security at the highest level.

Uptime & Anti-DDOS

Dedicated Servers are protected by an Anti-DDOS system that absorbs DDOS attacks and guarantees the Uptime of services. Anti-DDOS protection is included in all our Servers and Services.

Management and support

Dedicated servers are within our national infrastructure, located in Lisbon and connected to the Internet at 1GBps! So, whenever necessary, you will have a quick intervention from our technical team.

Fast delivery

After defining your requirements and confirming payment, your Server will be processed as quickly as possible! Each Server is a Server; don't pay for what you don't use.