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Branding and digital marketing

Branding is the management of the public’s perception of a brand, so that the latter is aligned with the values ​​that the company wants to convey. This ranges from the logo to what is said about products and services on social media.

Through strong branding, it is possible to improve consumers’ perception of value, which increases sales and customer retention. It also benefits business management and HR, as a strong brand attracts more talent to the workforce.

In today’s post, we’ll address this concept and teach you how to manage a brand through digital marketing. Follow up!

How to apply branding?

For the branding work to be done well, the brand must be based on 6 pillars:

  1. Authenticity: have easily identifiable values;
  2. Relevance: bringing change in the consumer’s life;
  3. Differentiation: being different from what is on the market;
  4. Presence: be present in the relevant places for your client;
  5. Understanding: having a clear history of origin;
  6. Consistency: being cohesive and meeting consumer expectations.

How to combine branding with digital marketing?

Although the concept of branding was born long before the internet, it is possible to adapt it to new media, which are growing significantly in the preference of Brazilians and increasingly influencing their purchase decision.

Below, we’ll give you some tips for managing your brand in digital media and improving your audience’s perception. Follow up!

Know your audience

First of all, you need to know who you’re talking to, after all, how to get your communication right if you don’t know what your audience likes, right? So it’s time to use data-driven marketing.

Questionnaires to better understand current customers, industry surveys, benchmarking with the competition to understand how they do their digital marketing and seek to understand, in depth, who has the potential to be interested in their products or services.

From this knowledge, you can better understand which language to use, which channels to invest, which experiences to provide, etc.

create your identity

One of the main points for having a strong brand is consistency, that is, making the brand recognizable and coherent in all your communications.

The goal is that the consumer, when looking at a piece, Facebook post or video, immediately recognizes who is speaking and senses an identification.

To make your brand readily recognizable, in all your communications, it is important to create an identity, in which the company colors, the logo and its applications, the language to be used, the style of the posts, videos and advertisements will be defined. It is important to record all this in a brand manual for future reference.

Choose channels

Once you have your audience and your brand identity defined, it’s time to take a stand: based on the studies you’ve done of your audience, define what are the best digital marketing channels to make your presence felt.

This way, you avoid wasting time and resources with social networks and platforms that will not influence the company’s results.

Don’t forget, when creating brand communications, to always check the manual you have built and maintain its consistency: it is one of the main factors in building a strong and effective branding.

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