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Marketing and SEO

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By itself, a website is not enough if no one visits it – that is, if it is not optimized.
One of the most important parts of creating a website is its optimization! Websites with lots of plugins or add-ons will slow your online space, making search engines give less importance to your website.

Discover how to optimize your website to reach the new visitors your company is looking for!

Service Marketing and SEO

Find out how we can help you grow!

Content Marketing & Email Marketing

Creating a tailored newsletter for your company, with robust and attractive email campaigns! In all campaigns it is possible to track and follow up on the evolution and return.


You have your own method, but want to automate it? We are experienced in creating automatic and intelligent systems in order to make the most of the methods you already use.

SEO optimization

Website optimization for search engines using hashtags, site maps, compression, load time reduction, creation of quality backlinks and content creation, among others.

paid ads

We research and define where it can be more profitable to invest in advertising, whether on Google Adwords and Facebook, or through Pay per Click or Pay per Install, among others.

Link Building

Backlinks creation (Hyperlinks) of reference and quality (DA 30-100+) with articles between 500 to 1000 words in reference websites! Our links are 100% safe and reviewed numerous times before being published!

Social Media Management

Social Media Management can be quite time consuming! At INDIGIT, we create content (Multimedia and Texts) as well as automating the entire management process of social networks so that you have more time to manage your business

Ready to optimize your SEO

Don’t hesitate to contact us, we respond in less than 24 hours with a partial SEO audit of your website for free!

Our Optimization Process

Discover part of our Website Optimization process

1 - Introduction and Strategy

Definition of the Optimization objective, research on potential keywords to promote, observation and analysis of user navigation, reaching the main points for improvement. Website improvement suggestion, documentation of changes to be made to continue the Optimization and also definition of potential key partners to promote ads or campaigns in the digital space.

2 - Optimization and Sharing

Application of changes planned in the first phase of your website. Changes can be: meta tags, permanent links, temporary links, images, tags or internal links. This is followed by the creation of unique content for the campaign, from texts, images and titles, the promotion of links/ads through the various available channels - Social Media, Google Adwords, Google Adsense, Youtube, among others.

3 - Analysis and Statistics

Observation of the evolution and experiences of users, in order to analyze the campaign results. This will help you understand what can be changed to get the most out of your business, as well as analyze potential rejections and new sales incentive tactics, among many others! We use several tools, such as: Google Adsense, Tracking the clicks, among others.

Introduction to SEO

On Page SEO & Off-Page SEO

Any SEO strategy has only one objective: to climb and maintain your position in search engines! In short: SEO is this! For better results you need optimization such as: SEO on Page and SEO Off-Page , what does it consist of?

SEO On Page – It is one of the most important methods consisting in optimizing your own website. You should do everything possible to resolve any SEO mistakes, as they are up to you! These optimizations should go through: Quality content, unique and based on the keywords ( keywords ) you want to promote, Reduction of broken links, Intuitive and easy interface, Content structure, among others!

Off-Page SEO– Search engines evaluate links to determine the usefulness and relevance of your website and its content. The creation of links and quality referrals for your website is one of the pillars of SEO. Shares on social media, referrals on important websites, will not only increase your traffic but also give you more visibility and ranking in search engines!

Still have doubts?

See common questions about marketing and seo

Yes, you can do the optimization by yourself, however with INDIGIT you will receive a complete report with all the optimizations you should do in terms of SEO, it is always better to be accompanied by a professional

Sim, normalmente se já possui um web site este poderá ser optimizado, em raros casos poderá ser necessário a reconstrução total do web site para obter os resultados pretendidos.

A INDIGIT elabora um plano de publicação de Artigos, e poderá fazer a criação de conteudos e multimédia, após este passo será feita uma analise das melhores alturas para a publicação das suas campanhas assim como análise do público alvo!

Para podermos actuar será necessário acesso ao Google Adsense, Google Search Console, ao web-site em questão ( FTP / WordPress ), poderá ser necessário mais ferramentas, dependendo de projecto para projecto.


SEO sempre que possível! Embora o PPC ( Pay per Click, Adwords, etc) poderá trazer visitantes e trafego localizado, este não irá trazer resultados permanentes, quando deixar de investir, deixará de ter visitantes, pelo que é recomendado criar sempre uma boa estratégia de SEO antes de investir em PPC

Este processo passa pela criação de artigos em blogs ou sites de referência, com links para o seu web site para uma determinada palavra-chave ( keyword ). Este é um dos métodos mais relevantes e importantes para os motores de busca. Todos os nossos links são de Websites com Domain Authority ( DA ) 40+, o que significa que são Websites com boa reputação e não irão afectar o sua campanha