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Mobile Application Development - Apps

Want to take your business or idea to the App Store or Google Play? We are here to help you develop Mobile Apps

We create your mobile application ...
...For iOS and Android

When an application is a necessity for your business, trust INDIGIT to create it! We develop the right application for you and help you make it possible to see your company in the pockets of thousands of users.

Since 2008, a large part of the world population uses smartphones daily. So take your company/idea to another level with a mobile app for iOS or Android and conquer new users in the mobile universe. Create a close relationship with your customers and increase your brand’s presence in the digital world!

Creating your mobile App can be easier and simpler than you think. From Delivery Applications, Taxi Applications, House Cleaning and Maintenance Services or even Professional Applications.

Services for Mobile Applications and Mobile Marketing

Discover our main services for mobile applications!

iOS development

Design and Development of Applications for iOS, with the highest standards of quality, usability and quality. At INDIGIT we handle the entire process for developing your iOS application from user-interface (UI) design, development and publishing to the Apple Store, the most profitable store on the market.

Android development

Android is perhaps the mobile operating system with the most users on the market. Availability in more affordable devices and great versatility are some of the reasons for this. If you are thinking of creating your Application, don't miss out on this large market share. Create your Android app now!

Marketing for Apps

Already have a mobile App or Game and want to promote them? At INDIGIT we create marketing strategies so that your application/game has a greater number of installations and obviously more users. Using the right partners to monetize your investment, you can win new places on the Apple Store and Google Play for your App category!

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Still have doubts?

See Common Questions About Mobile Application Development – Apps

There is no set value. Depending on the complexity of each Application (whether you want a native or hybrid application, number of layouts, external apis, etc). However our prices start at 2000EUR excl.

It is always necessary to assess the need to have a mobile Application. In certain cases, with a good responsive website you can get exactly the results you are looking for. Many customers are under the illusion of having App icons on their website when it really isn’t always necessary.

Yes, the price to submit the Application on the Play Store (Google) is approximately 25EUR (single) and Apple Store (iOS) 99EUR/year.

If you choose a native application, where for iOS we have the example of Swift and for Android, Java, you will have to invest in two different applications, as the languages ​​are different. However, as they are native, these applications tend to work better and be more robust. On the other hand, nowadays we can opt for a hybrid using, for example, React Native, where you can export the Application to both platforms with just one code, reducing development time and cost.

It depends on the complexity of each project. However, the development time for an application can range from 1 to 6 months.

Usually it is necessary to create an API (REST) ​​that will provide information to the Application (such as news, products etc). In this way you will be able to manage your entire application without having to resort to updates.