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See how to choose a distance learning business school

Higher education is a dream of thousands of people, however, not all of them have the possibility of adapting their daily routine to the traditional study schedules of on-site education. According to the 2016 Higher Education Census , by the National Institute of Educational Studies and Research Anísio Teixeira (INEP),
Distance Education (EAD) courses have grown considerably in Brazil. In 2006 there were 349 courses, in 2016 there were 1,662 offers.

How can I choose the Distance Administration Faculty?

To choose the best college to study Distance Learning Administration , it is
necessary to consider four main factors:

teaching quality

The curriculum, the teaching methodology and the faculty are important points to be considered when choosing a college, whether on-site or at a distance.

It is interesting to evaluate the content to be studied, to know what will be taught and to understand its usefulness in the future. In addition, observe the history of the professors, to learn about their performance in the market and their
lines of academic research.

online platform

In addition to quality education, the platform provided by the institution must be clear and objective, facilitating the user’s access and use. Therefore, it is important to seek information regarding the features, model, quality of videos and files made available online.

Cost of tuition fees

This is an essential factor and very well regarded by those seeking distance learning, as the fees are lower and accessible. It is also important to compare prices to find a value that suits your reality.

Faculty Reputation

This is an important question to be researched, because once the institution is well regarded in the market, the chances of getting a good job grow. In addition, it is mandatory that EaD courses are recognized by the Ministry of Education (MEC).

Do research on the college’s history and values, its acceptance into the
workforce, and the opinions of current and alumni, faculty, and general staff.

What makes Unigranrio’s Administration course different?

Unigranrio invests in quality education. Its Distance Management course is aimed at the current job market, with an experienced faculty and highly qualified to conduct practical content, study real cases and a whole curriculum that develops skills and competences that contribute to the formation of a professional capable of acting with prominence in the most varied areas of an organization.

In addition, the cost of the course fee is affordable and the infrastructure of the online platform is designed for a good student experience. The graduation in EaD Administration at Unigranrio is a complete and updated course with the evolution of the job market, making the student learn current contents in his/her training area.

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