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SSL Digital Certificates

Keep your website secure and earn your customers' trust

Why use HTTPS Certificate ?

Security and Credibility are very important these days. An SSL Certificate not only helps your customers to trust payments on your website, it encrypts all information between your browser and the server.

Don’t let your users’ information fall into the wrong hands! Securely accept credit cards on your website. Earn even with Google, which prioritizes the ranking of websites with links with HTTPS Certificate.

Start earning your customers’ trust now!

Why use SSL Certificates for your Website?

Some of the advantages of having your certificate with INDIGIT


All HTTP connections, so called normal, are in text and can be read by any hacker on your network. With HTTPS Certificate, your connections will be encrypted, so that no sensitive data is exposed to third parties!

Google Friendly

To ensure that Google marks your website as safe, a Certificate is invaluable! Google does not recommend visitors to continue or enter sensitive data on Domains without HTTPS! Don't risk your business.

Trust and Credibility

In addition to a Certificate increasing the credibility of your website, it can also contain your company name! Elevate your security level so that no one hesitates when finalizing a payment on your website.

Free with LetsEncrypt ®

In partnership with LetsEncrypt ® you can now have your Certificate for Unlimited Domains from your CPanel ®. Yes! With INDIGIT, this service is FREE! Don't wait any longer to have your Certificate on any Domain Valid for Hosting customers only

Still have doubts?

See common questions about ssl digital certificates

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a method used to protect and encrypt confidential data such as credit cards, usernames and passwords, customer databases or other sensitive data present on the Internet. When an SSL Certificate is installed on a website, a padlock icon appears in the browser, informing that the data will be encrypted.

Initially, an official document that proves the company’s existence is required. After ordering, our professionals will contact you to request the necessary documents and support you in all the following steps.

Yes, if you want to use the SSL Certificate in a shared hosting service, you will need to purchase a dedicated IP at a cost of €24.39 per year. If the SSL Certificate is used in a service from another company, you should contact that company for further details on the use and installation of SSL.

No. The Corporate SSL and SSL Extended Certificates require the existence of a legally constituted company and their validation requires the presentation of documents that prove it. As an alternative, you can purchase the SSL Basic Certificate, which is issued immediately and free of bureaucracy.

An SSL Certificate protects and encrypts all the information that is exchanged between the server and the client, which, in turn, will make your website more reliable for those who visit it. In addition, the Certificate will also help to improve the SEO (search engine optimization) of your website, as search engines favor pages with this type of security.

Yes, all SSL Certificates offer a 128/256-bit encryption/encryption level, differing from each other with the type of validation they have. This increases visitor confidence, as in the case of Corporate SSL and Extended SSL Certificates it is guaranteed that you are accessing the website of a legally constituted company (and whose contact details are public).

If the SSL Certificate is used in an INDIGIT service, all installation and configuration will be our responsibility. If you are using it in an external service, then you should get in touch with that company and find out about the conditions for using and installing the Certificate.