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What differentiates the training in Letters

The opportunities for those who decide to enroll in a Faculty of Arts are numerous. Throughout the course, the student learns to know the structure of a language, as well as the transformations it undergoes, such as, for example, the case of the New Orthographic Agreement.

As some of the differentials, mention is made of the possibility of studying the Portuguese language through technologies, the opportunity to train the student to teach Portuguese to foreigners and to undertake using linguistic and literary knowledge.

Prepares graduates to work in a wide field of work

Throughout graduation, graduates from the Literature – Portuguese course are prepared to perform various functions in the labor market. If the course is offered as a Licentiate Degree, as is the case at Unigranrio, the graduate will be able to teach classes in Elementary School, High School and preparatory courses. In addition, the Language professional can work in non-school spaces, dedicating themselves to the activity of copywriter or proofreader working in publishers and/or multinational companies.

Offers the opportunity to learn about traditions, culture and history

The graduate of the Literature – Portuguese course also gets the chance to focus on the study of the culture, history and literature of Brazil and Portugal. Contact with new ways of thinking drives the development of critical thinking. During the semesters, the tendency is for the student to become naturally more inquisitive.

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